King finishes 5th at East Regional Qualifier

King finishes 5th at East Regional Qualifier

HUDDLESTON, Va. – The King University women's triathlon team competed at the East Regional Qualifier and were led by Steph Dansie on Saturday.

KING RESULTS: 5th of 6
LOCATION: Huddleston, Va.


  • Danise finished her swim in 10:52.6 and followed that with a 35:01.5 bike and finished with a 26:17.8 in the run. She finished 20th with a time of 1:14:25.3
  • Audrey McCormick came in next for the Tornado with a time of 1:22:26.1 to finish 25th.
  • She finished the swim in 15:14.6 and the bike in 38:53.5 before finishing the run in 24:59.8.
  • Emily Sutherland finished 26th with a time of 1:22:46.2.
  • She finished the swim in 15:34.8, the bike in 37:04.4 and the run in 27:00.5.
  • Nicola Mead came in with a time of 1:33:10.7 to take 32nd.
  • She finished the swim in 11:43.3, the bike in 47:22.9 and the run in 31:10.7.
  • Michelle Morlock finished the swim in 11:34.5 and the bike in 39:58.5.


  • King is in action again on November 16 at the Women's Collegiate Triathlon National Championships in Tempe, Ariz.