Tornado Pin Pool

Tornado Pin Pool

At the beginning of the school year, we set a goal to earn $100 for every pin that our guys accumulate this season. We are currently earning $88 per pin which puts us just $12 away from that goal! The team has 35 pins so far with about five weeks left until the end of the season. Please help us reach our goal by making a pledge today. We have 50 members in our pin pool this year and are extremely grateful for each one.

For supporters who are unfamiliar, the Pin Pool is a wrestling-focused fundraiser where participants pledge to give a specific dollar amount per pin that our team accumulates over the course of the season. For example, if you pledge to give $1 per pin and the team finishes the season with 60 pins- your gift amount would be $60 at the end of the wrestling season.

The pool is broken into three levels: All-Conference ($1-$4 per pin), All-American ($5-9 per pin), and National Champion ($10 or more per pin). You can find incentives for pledging at each level above.

YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES CAN ALSO PLEDGE AS A GROUP! If you would like to pledge a larger dollar amount per pin as a family or group, simply indicate that when you sign up. For instance, Coach Killian could arrange to pledge $10 per pin with four of his family members or friends. Each person would contribute $2 and because the pledge was made as a group, the men’s wrestling program would recognize “The Killian’s” as National Champion Level Pledge Members. There is no limit on the number of people that can pledge in a group. We just ask that you specify how you wish to be recognized by providing a group name like “The Killian’s” or each individual name.

At the conclusion of the season, we will contact Pin Pool members with the total number of pins along with pledge fulfillment information (tax-deductible). Support the Tornado, and Join Today!