King finds another win against Central Methodist University

King finds another win against Central Methodist University

BRISTOL, Tenn. – The King University Overwatch Team improves to 2-0 in ECAC play as they defeat Central Methodist University

FINAL SCORE: King 3, Central Methodist University 1

MAPS PLAYED: Lijiang Tower (Control), Rialto (Escort), King's Row (Assault/Escort), Temple of Anubis (Assault)


  • CMU takes control of the point first after a lengthy battle led by SenorLol and Brick
  • After regrouping, the second fight proved to be no less epic than the first.  Several ultimate trades, eliminations and overall fierce play left the round in the hands of SenorLol and CroutonMaster.  While eliminating three CMU heroes, they managed to stay on point and enable King to regroup once more for the capture
  • After the capture, King pushes out closer to CMU's spawn.  From here it was all OTK.  He leads the charge with a nano boost from CroutonMaster and eliminates EVERY CMU Hero.  A true 6K!!!
  • King maintains their aggressive posture to finish out the round, led by SenorLol who finishes with an 18 player kill streak
  • Round score 100% - 98%


  • Round two opened up with yet another great fight.  CMU managed to take control first, but the fighting did not truly stop until King took back the point as CMU had 98% percent occupied.  Strangely enough this is exactly how the first round started…
  • However King's aggressive strategy would not succeed this round.  CMU managed to sneak around and spread the Tornado, ultimately capturing the point for the round win
  • Round score 98% - 100%


  • It was obvious both teams wanted this one as there were 4 control changes in this round
  • King takes point first and pushes to 45%, CMU then takes control and occupies the zone to 39%, King returns and climbs to 84% and then CMU reclaims the point
  • There was not a second of this match without action, leading to the last regroup from King as CMU reached 90%
  • Brick leads the charge, eliminating 6 while SenorLol takes care of 5.  A great push from King in this last of three, but ultimately CMU takes Lijiang
  • Top play here obviously went to OTK, with his insane nano-boosted 6K with the assist from CroutonMaster
  • Score: King 0, CMU 1


  • King began the round on attack and pushed the payload almost 30 meters.  But CMU put up a great defense and stopped the payload for three fights
  • A few adjustments from the Tornado led by a Brick 5K got the payload rolling again, allowing King to push the first point with 4 minutes remaining
  • The next push was led by SenorLol and Brick.  Senor goes on a 16 player kill streak, allowing Brick to lead the payload to the next point with 3:40 remaining
  • Huge plays from the entire Tornado allowed them to finish the push with 1:58 remaining
  • After switching to defense, King really began to click
  • King completely shuts CMU down, never allowing them to reach even the first payload point.
  • Score King: 1, CMU 1


  • King continued to rally in this round, capturing the point and pushing the payload with almost 2 minutes remaining
  • After switching to defense, the Tornado almost kept CMU from getting past the control point stage
  • A few adjustments from CMU allowed them to make up some serious ground, getting the payload within 7 meters of the goal
  • For two minutes the Tornado kept CMU from advancing the payload at all.  This effort was made possible by every person on the team as Brick, OTK, SenorLol, Yokie all go on 10+ player kill streaks
  • Play of the game goes to SenorLol with a nano-boosted 6K from Reinhardt in the final moments of the round
  • CroutonMaster gets honors for over 20K healing done.  Her second 20K+ game of the night
  • Score: King 2, CMU 1


  • Another great battle between King and CMU.  Almost 2 minutes elapse before King is able to capture the first point.
  • The winning push is led again by Brick, going on a 5 player kill streak, then finishing the round with a team kill for the capture
  • King gains the advantage 2 – 0 with 4:16 remaining
  • Switching to defense, King holds CMU for almost 3 minutes but ultimately the round's finale would occur at the final point.
  • For four minutes King and CMU trade ultimates and eliminations.  There wasn't a single moment without a conflict of some kind.  Overtime alone lasted 2:30!!!  That means for 2:30 there was at least one player from each team on the point.
  • After over 6 minutes of on point battling, King finishes the defense and takes the round for the win!
  • Top play again goes to SenorLol with ANOTHER 6K with wrecking ball.
  • Final: King 3, CMU 1