King tops New England College 3-0

King tops New England College 3-0

BRISTOL, Tenn. – The King University Overwatch team wins big over New England College for the ECAC season opener.

FINAL SCORE: King 3, New England College 0
MAPS PLAYED: Ilios (Control), Havana (Escort), King's Row (Assault/Escort)


  • King took control of the point in the first fight, eliminating 5 out of 6 New England players
  • The Tornado continued to control the point through the next rally, eliminating all opposing players
  • King takes the first Ilios Control round with zero deaths 100% to 0%


  • New England College opened up round 2 with a close fight but after a Reaper Teleport, Yokie and Brick were able to neutralize the Roadhog, opening up a five player kill streak from Yokie
  • NEC made a few changes to their selection for the next fight, but the dominance of King in both rounds was inevitable
  • King takes the second Ilios Control round 100% to 0%
  • Brick and Crouton Master sported 82% and 79% kill participation respectively, and OTK had 22 eliminations!
  • Top play went to Brick with a HUGE Meteor Strike from Dooomfist, resulting in a five eliminations!!!


  • King University opens up pushing the payload to the first point with absolute, undeniable force
  • Multiple eliminations from every player on the Tornado enabled King to push the payload to the goal with 4:45 remaining
  • After switching to defense, King manages to hold NEC at the first major choke point for the entirety of the match
  • Top play again goes to Brick.  He eliminates 5 after infiltrating NEC's back line and using his Dragon ultimate.  He follows up the other for a true 6K!!!
  • Yokie and Brick had 34 and 30 eliminations, respectively.  SenorLol also putting on some serious damage with 26 offensive assists!


  • The moment the spawn doors opened, SenorLol and Yokie go big.  SenorLol deploys shield to open up Yokie's immediate headshot for the first elimination!  Yokie then immediately eliminated NEC's other support!  5 seconds in we have a 6v4!!!
  • King then locked the point and began to escort the payload
  • Several aggressive plays from the SenorLol/Brick duo allowed King to push the payload easily to the first point.  NEC wouldn't go without a fight for the last push, managing to stop the payload for a few moments
  • For the last push Yokie manages to eliminate 3, enabling King to take the first round 3-0 with 4:42 remaining


  • OTK opens up the second round in a huge way with a 4K, soon after landing a 3K
  • Brick's doomfist is absolutely unstoppable as he flies around the map inflicting damage anywhere he pleases
  • SenorLol, "Mr. Clean" followed up a Brick's Doomfist with an incredible firestrike, eliminating 4
  • Yokie managed top play in this one, using a McCree Dead Eye he eliminates 2 then cleans 3 more off for a 5K!
  • Brick and OTK 40 eliminations, OTK 31 high energy kills, Crouton Master 22 defensive assists!