Krasley leads Tornado at King mountain bike race

Krasley leads Tornado at King mountain bike race

BRISTOL, Tenn. – The King University cycling team hosted a mountain bike race over the weekend and posted 17 podium finishes. Included in those finishes were six wins, three from Kiley Krasley.


Men's Category A

  • Matthew Owen finished third in Saturday's downhill while Kyle Tiesler finished 14th.
  • Owen then led the group with a fifth place finish in the cross country race.
  • Tiesler game in ninth, Dawson Sanders 11th, Jameson Simms 13th, Ben Lightfoot 14th and Dominic Giannantonio 17th in the cross country race.
  • Owen won Sunday's short track race while Simms came in fourth.
  • Also in the short track race, Sanders finished seventh, Lightfoot eighth, Giannantonio 10th and Tiesler took 11th.
  • Later on Sunday, Owen finished runner-up in the dual slalom.

Men's Category B/C

  • In Saturday's B downhill race, Sanders finished second while Lightfoot and Giannantonio took eighth and ninth, respectively.
  • In the C downhill race, Simms finished fifth.
  • Sanders, Lightfoot, and Giannantonio finished fifth, sixth and seventh in the B dual slalom on Sunday.
  • Simms took third in the C dual slalom.

Women's Category A

  • Kate Dietrich finished second in downhill and Kylie Gardner finished seventh.
  • In Saturday's cross country race, Krasley finished third and Dietrich finished eighth.
  • Krasley won the short track race on Sunday while Dietrich finished third.
  • Dietrich finished runner-up in the dual slalom while Gardner finished third.

Women's Category B/C

  • Krasley won Saturday's downhill race and Sunday's dual slalom race.
  • Chloe Harmon finished second in the category C cross country race and won the C short track and dual slalom races.
  • Gardner came in second in the category B cross country race and Sunday's short track race.


  • King travels to the Appalachian State race next Saturday and Sunday.