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Welcome to King University Athletic Communications!

This page includes everything opposing schools might need, including logos, media lists, rosters in Word format and Stat Crew formats. Rosters change periodically, so please check back immediately before your team's game or contact us to make sure the roster in question is current.

King University Athletic Communications
Attn: Travis Chell
1350 King College Rd
Bristol, TN 37620

Travis Chell
Director of Athletic Communications

Office: (423) 652-6368
Cell: (715) 431-0253

Frank Morgan
Athletic Communications Assistant
Office: (423) 652-4853
Sports: Men's/women's wrestling, bass fishing, epsorts

Lanie Angel
Athletic Communications Graduate Assistant
Office: (423) 652-6368

Home Post-event Reporting Procedures

The Athletic Communications office will make every effort to address your post-game needs.

  • We make available full box scores for most sports within 30 minutes of the game's conclusion.
  • We will e-mail you packed game files and a game story (if requested) as soon as possible following the game (if applicable).
  • We e-mail box scores and game stories to your media list, provided we receive the list at least 24 hours prior to the contest.
  • Opposing coaches and/or Athletic Communication representatives have access to a phone, computer and photocopier, if needed, to report to their media outlets.
  • We will make every effort to accommodate visiting broadcasters so long as notice is given to the Athletic Communications office at least 24 hours in advance.

We automatically report to the Bristol Herald Courier, Johnson City Press, Times News, Tennessean, Elizabethton Star, Piney Bluff News, WCYB TV-5, WJHL TV-11, and the Sports Monster WXSM Radio.

Post-event Media List

Please e-mail Travis Chell with a packed game file, HTML box score and a game story (if applicable) in either a Word document or in the text of the e-mail. If you are unable to fulfill this request, please let Travis know in advance so that we may make arrangements to get the information.

Team Downloads
To download a document, right click and select "Save Link As..." If it is a Stat Crew roster, when you import and edit the roster, please use "KING" as the team code and "King University" as the team name.


Fall Sports Winter Sports Spring Sports
Men's Cross Country
Rosters: Web
Men's Basketball
Rosters: Web | Word | PDFStatCrew
Acrobatics & Tumbling
Rosters: Web | Word | PDF
Women's Cross Country
Rosters: Web
Women's Basketball
Rosters: Web | Word | PDF | StatCrew
Rosters: Web | Word | PDF | TRO | TRX
Rosters: Web
Rosters: Web
Bass Fishing
Rosters: Web
Men's Golf
Rosters: Web | Word | PDF | StatCrew
Rosters: Web
Rosters: Web
Women's Golf
Rosters: Web | Word | PDF | StatCrew
Men's Swimming & Diving
Rosters: Web
Rosters: Web | Word | PDF | TRO | TRX
Men's Soccer
Rosters: Web | Word | PDF | StatCrew
Women's Swimming & Diving
Rosters: Web
Men's Volleyball
Rosters: Web | Word | PDF | StatCrew
Women's Soccer
Rosters: Web | Word | PDF | StatCrew
Men's Track & Field
Rosters: Web
Men's Tennis
Rosters: Web | Word | PDF | StatCrew
Women's Track & Field
Rosters: Web
Women's Tennis
Rosters: Web | Word | PDF | StatCrew
Men's Wrestling
Rosters: Web | Word | PDF
Women's Triathlon
Rosters: Web
Women's Wrestling
Rosters: Web | Word | PDF
Women's Volleyball
Rosters: Web | Word | PDF | StatCrew



Logo Downloads

Athletic Communications offices are free to use these logos as needed. Please do not distort, alter or change the colors of our logo. Right-click on the links and select "Save Target As...". 

King University Graphic Standards

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K Tornado Logo
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