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The TAC allows YOU to be more fully engaged in the excitement of collegiate athletics! Each year, King student-athletes display their competitive spirits, giving the best of themselves both on and off the field, bringing tremendous pride and accomplishments to King.

The TAC provides financial support for all athletic programs where it is most needed throughout the year, however, gifts may also be designated to support a team of your choice. As a member, you are an integral part of helping to sustain and grow these programs.


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Ensuring adequate travel arrangements is one of the ever increasing costs which can put a strain on the budget for our athlete programs. This impacts other areas of need, like equipment, officiating expenses, meals, accommodations, facilities maintenance, and more. Therefore, each year, we invite alumni and friends to join in offering support through attendance at competitions and through financial gifts to offset budgetary expenses.

King Athletics is a window through which the community will often view the University. Team accomplishments serve as a tremendous recruiting tool and a catalyst for philanthropy to all areas of King University. Your support enables the King Athletic Department to provide an enhanced experience for our student-athletes. Your membership is appreciated!

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In addition to raising the noise level at King home athletic events, you may show your support by making a donation to the Tornado Athletic Club. Donations can be made to the Athletic Department in general, or to a specific athletic program. Donations of all comfort levels are most humbly welcome.

Follow this link to make your online donation and follow these simply instructions to ensure your donation securely arrives in the proper hands. 

  • On the drop-down menu entitled "Designate my gift to:", click the arrow and select "Tornado Athletic Club"
  • If you would like to make your donation to a specific athletic program, please type in the name of the program in the Note box below. (i.e. "Men's Cross Country, Women's Basketball, Cycling, etc.)
  • Fill out the corresponding information in the boxes below accurately and in entirety. Please be sure to include your e-mail address for a receipt of your donation.
  • Click "Continue" and your donation is complete!

Periodically throughout the school year our teams will be hosting rallies to support special projects or trips. You will find their campaigns by following this link.

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As a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division II member, King is responsible for the actions of all persons and organizations engaged in activities that promote King's athletic interests. Therefore King must ensure that its coaches, student-athletes, faculty and staff, alumni, donors and friends abide by all NCAA regulations.  It is especially important to note that recruitment of prospective student-athletes is the sole responsibility of King coaches.  Representatives of our athletics interests (boosters) cannot be involved in the recruiting process.

We therefore need your cooperation to ensure our full compliance with NCAA rules.  Violations of NCAA rules could affect the eligibility of prospects or current King student-athletes, result in penalties being imposed on King by the NCAA, and lead to restrictions on your involvement with King's athletics programs.  Here is some important information that you should know.

Click here to review the definition of a Booster, what is an "extra benefit", and the do's and don't's of giving. 

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