NCAA Eligibilty Center Information


All prospective student-athletes who are incoming freshmen MUST register with NCAA Eligibility Center.  Transfer students entering a Division I or Division II school for the first time must also register with the Eligibility Center.

How to Register:

  1. Log on to the Eligibility Center ( or call the NCAA information line at 877-262-1492 (U.S. callers) or 317-223-0700 (international callers).
  2. Follow the directions given online or by phone.
  3. Have your high school send in an official copy of all your transcripts with your date of graduation on it.  The Center will not accept transcripts sent in by students or their parents.
  4. Other documentation may be required for the certification of amateurism.
  5. Have either your ACT or SAT testing agency send in official copies of your test scores.

Once you have completed registration information on your Eligibility Center status can be obtained by logging in to the NCAA Eligibility Center web site.  You will need your PIN number to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the NCAA Eligibility Center? An organization that determines the eligibility for athletics participation in a student-athlete's first year of college.  The Eligibility Center certifies both the academic and amateurism status of a prospective student-athlete.

2.  Who needs to register? Any individual that thinks there is a chance that he or she will participate in athletics at a Division I or Division II school.  This includes prospective student-athletes in high school and student-athletes who may be considering a transfer from another college to Division I or Division II school.

3.  When should I register? You should register after you have completed your junior year in high school.  At that time, a transcript that includes six semesters of grades should be sent to the eligibility center from the high school. Additionally, students should request all SAT or ACT test scores be forwarded directly to the eligibility center by entering code "9999" as a reporting selection when they register for the exam.  U.S. student-athletes are eligible for a fee waiver if they have already received a fee waiver (not state voucher) for the ACT or SAT.  The high school counselor will also be required to submit an electronic fee waiver verification on their behalf (high school counselors with PIN access may submit waivers for eligible students from the high school administrator section of the eligibility center Web site).

4.  What is the cost? There is a $60 charge for domestic students and a $85 fee for international students.

5.  What is the Mailing Address and telephone number?

NCAA Eligibility Center, PO Box 7136, Indianapolis, IN 46207

NCAA Eligibility Center, 1802 Alonzo Watford Sr DR, Indianapolis, IN 46202 (Overnight)

877.262.1492 U.S. Callers Toll Free

317.223.0700 International Callers

317.968.5100 FAX


  • Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center at the beginning of your junior year.
  • Complete the amateurism questionnaire.  Answer the questions as truthfully and completely as possible. Incomplete or incorrectly reported information can jeopardize your eligibility status.
  • Send your transcripts to the Eligibility Center.  How?
    • Print the Transcript Release Form, sign and take to your high school guidance counselor and ask the counselor to send your official transcripts to the Eligibility Center.
    • Have your transcripts sent at the end of your junior year and immediately following high school    graduation.
  • Send your test scores!  How?  Remember to enter "9999" code when registering for the SAT or ACT.
  • Request a final certification
  • Log back in during your senior year and update any new information to request final amateurism certification. *Beginning April 1 for fall enrollees and beginning October 1 for spring enrollees.
  • Graduate "on time" from high school in eight semesters (4 years). This is a requirement if you want to participate in NCAA Division I athletics.
  • Ask your high school's guidance department to update its list of NCAA-approved core courses.
  • Complete information for college bound student-athletes can be found at