King University Mission Statement

We prepare students in our Christian academic community to excel as thoughtful, resourceful, and responsible citizens with a passion for serving God, the Church, and the world. We accomplish this through excellent teaching, high expectations, worthwhile example, and fidelity to our Presbyterian heritage. Our mission is the same for all campuses and sites; for online learning; and for all programs, curricular and extracurricular, graduate and undergraduate.

King University Vision Statement

We aim to be the preeminent small to medium-sized Christian university in the Upper South, with a reputation earned there and beyond as a school serious about its Christian commitment, focused on student success, dedicated to academic excellence, and successful in producing graduates who excel wherever they live, work, and serve.

King University Athletics Statement of Philosophy

We are committed to actively creating, promoting and sustaining a comprehensive and supportive Christian environment for our student-athletes, inspiring personal growth and the pursuit of excellence in academics and athletics.

King University Athletics Vision Statement

We develop student-athletes in a Christian academic community as scholars, competitors and responsible citizens to lead and serve in their communities and professions.